Sales Campaign

The challenge was to create a campaign where the characteristics of the product were valued. The best quality of a Double Wheel is fuel economy, time and consequently more production, all through double traction.

MARINI, founded in 1989, focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of agricultural equipment and leads the Brazilian market for Double Wheeled Tractors, Harvesters and Tractors, and exports its products to other countries in America.

It is a supplier of the main brands of Brazilian agribusiness, meeting the high quality and safety requirements of our clients, such as Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Agrale, LS Tractor, Stara and PLA among others.

Press Media

The company has a constant presence in national and local magazines and newspapers throughout Brazil. It is a media planning that has as reference the main agribusiness fairs of the country.

Social Media

Marini as an innovation company in the field is present in the main social networks. Also, the campaign was fully deployed to digital to be inserted in the main media of the agricultural segment.

Exhibition Stand

At the exhibitions, the number of wheelset and their enormous sizes catches the public’s attention. In this way was created an opportunity of communication. The campaign was exposed every time a Marini wheel was photographed.